Fuel Gas Treatment System

Fuel Gas Treatment System

Whether the gas shall be delivered to a GT (Gas Turbine) or it shall be delivered to an Industrial Plant, Metano Impianti has the right capability to provide the most suitable and complete solutions.

The configuration and complexity of the stations vary according to the quality of the gas required by the end user, but we are able to provide the most advisable units to filter, heat, pressure reduce and meter the gas.

We supply each section as a skid-mounted package: a ‘modular’ approach enabling time and costs to be minimized and site operations to be optimized.
Our scope is integrated with the design and supply of the complete control and monitor system, by means of local panels or PLC based units to be installed in control room. Other devices for gas quality measurement can be included, such as gas chromatograph.
Fuel Gas Treatment Systems
One of the most critical application in our market, as the gas shall be delivered at the accurate and proper conditions required by the GT to prevent any failure or damage of the downstream equipment. Pressure Reducing and Metering Stations

As natural gas is usually transported highly pressurized through pipelines, it needs to be conditioned before it is delivered to the final consumer. Metano Impianti is keen to propose the most advanced alternatives to fulfil the clients’ requirements.

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