Water Bath Heater

Water Bath Heater

The water bath heater consists of a cylindrical shell filled with water or a glycol water mixture. The heater heats the process gas indirectly via a coil/tube bundle immersed in a heated water bath.

The water bath is heated by one or more flame tubes immersed on the bottom of the heater. The flame tube transfers the heat created from the burner to the water. The process gas flowing in the coil is heated by the circulating water through natural convection. An expansion tank situated above the heater compensates for the variations in density of the water that take place when the temperature of the bath changes.

The indirect heaters are specially designed for stations in which it is difficult to produce hot water or steam for heating gas. They represent an optimum solution even when there is a power failure: Metano Impianti supplies heaters with a pneumatic control panel.

These devices may be designed with various kinds of forced ot natural draft burners, and various kinds of coils or a tube bundle to meet the specific process requirements. To increase efficiency, there are various kinds of flame tubes with a single-tube or multi-tube return pipe. The combustion air pipe is complete with a flame trap and filter, if required.

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