Vane Pack

Vane Pack

The vane pack ensures high efficiency in the separation of liquid particles from a gas flow. As the gas flows through the vane pack, it is split into many different sections through which it is forced along paths with numerous changes in direction, thus causing the drops of liquid to strike the walls of the plates, agglomerating into larger drops and precipitating due to gravity. The drops thus collect at the bottom of the pack and flow towards the bottom of the separator

These devices have a separation efficiency of 99.5% for drops with a diameter of at least 8-10 microns. It remains such even at minimum gas flow rates close to zero up to the maximum rate laid down by the design parameters of the separator.

Metano Impianti vane packs are of compact type and are designed to guarantee an higher separation efficiency than the devices commonly available on the market.

The vane pack separator is normally vertical type; it is widely used in the separation/filtration stage at the inlet of fuel gas treatment plants and upstream of the gas turbines or turbo-compressors as a final protection for these machines.

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